Terrific! Can’t wait to see it.

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I need to watch this again. :)

My experience of Barbie as a child was almost the opposite of yours. I grew up on a farm in a family without a lot of money. Although my sister did play with a few dolls, I preferred being outside and in the barn with the animals, my dad and my brothers...in that order. So I've always felt a disconnect from Barbie, no squeals at remembering a trailer or outfit or anything. The biggest impression I had of a Barbie variation was the one who said, "Math is hard," which enforced a lot of my assumptions.

So why tf did I see the movie? A lot of good friends were recommending it and I was curious. I definitely experienced that sense of disconnection for the first part of it and some frustration at the slow (in my eyes) attempts at feminist theory insertions. But things turned when on the outside world, a theme of displacement emerged and then grew larger back in Barbie Land. (Not to downplay Weird Barbie, who was by far the best.)

I found this sense of displacement to be relatable to nudism, which I choose specifically instead of naturism because it's specifically in relation to the nude body. What is one of the biggest fears of being "found out" for many nudists? It's not a criticism of the body. It's not jokes or questions. It's displacement. From friends, family, a workplace, a culture or religion...while nudists accept each other, by and large the biggest acceptance of the textile world is the knowledge that we won't be accepted.

So when Barbie is displaced as a toy, despite her sincerity, displaced by the Kens, attempted to literally be put in a box, and put back in a box, it gnawed at all the ways freedom with the body can be ground to a halt by many in the world. And also that speaking your truth is what sets not only yourself and others free. With the biggest risk still being taking the chance to feel all of that.

I have a feeling that you speak your truth with depth. I read another one of your entries tonight about a friend who didn't feel confident about her body and potentially being naked. It was a short entry but so well-written, it was a tonic. Substack wouldn't let me comment there so I'm writing here. Apologies for the lengthy comment, it mostly just rolled off my brain like this. Thank you for the review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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If Timothy is writing about something, I can bet I will find it enjoyable and intriguing, even if it is about a topic, or movie, I never otherwise would consider learning about :)

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I think I may still pass on Barbie but thankyou for the review.

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