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Thanks Timothy. Placing nudity/nudism/naturism and what they represent in context is critical. Nudity is clearly on the spectrum of dress. Who currently has permission to wear something or nothing and where they get to do it are highly charged topics. I wish they weren't. I would like everyone to have agency over their own choices. Most people don't. Women and girls wearing trousers was once a cause célèbre but no more. We just need to keep chipping away at the boundaries of what is "permitted" and for whom - from nipple freedom to (un)dresses for all!

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Excellent essay! The argument is counterintuitive—that “nudism is, at its core, still a fight for expanded freedom of dress.” But you’re right: there is common cause with those other groups, and just as much power and community. It's good to be reminded of this.

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Nudity is just another fashion choice. It can also be a political statement or a sensual experience.

I don't want people to treat my nudity as anything different from wearing clothing. I want the same nondescript nonreaction. The ultimate goal of nudism ought to be to make nudity not-special. People who act as though their social nudity somehow makes them superior to the socially clothed are just trying to create an in-group to feel superior to the outgroup.

Once you get past the nudity = sex routine, there is no difference between wearing clothing and working on an even tan, styling your hair, body paint, putting on makeup, nail polish, shaving your legs, going completely smooth, wearing jewelry, diet and exercise to look attractive, and anything else you do to modify your appearance to suit yourself or someone else.

A truly "natural" person is an extremely unkempt and rank person.

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I like your perspective. I think it’s also worth saying that wearing clothing, taking care of one’s body, and decorating/styling oneself are all natural things that humans do, just as much in our nature as seeking shelter, community, warmth, tasty foods, etc. It isn’t more or less natural to spend more time nude, it should just be one of the many options.

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