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Happy Pride,Timothy! 🌈❤️

I'm always struck at how you beautifully balance complex thought and insightful resolutions to the questions you pose. "[A]n experience does not have to be universal for it to be meaningful or valid or even relatable, that we gain more from learning about each other's diverse experiences than we could ever gain from all sharing the same perspective." Thank you for sharing this and I hope you know that your experience is a valuable and valued part of the naturist community. And that I'm proud of you for your courage in sharing it.

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Happy Pride Timothy. Another really well written piece which I find extremely interesting and moving and as a gay man forty some years older than you I found our paths surprisingly similar. Fortunately for me I had family and friends who were very accepting and I had many more issues coming out as a nudist than I did as a gay teenager. Thanks for writing!

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